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Decoration: Construction and acceptance of aluminum ceilings

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The aluminum ceiling has two installation methods: light steel keel and wooden square keel, because the wooden square will be deformed by the influence of temperature and humidity. (Look at the solid wood floor and door of your home in wet summer and dry in winter. The weather's deformation degree, everyone knows). In this way, over time, some wood pieces have large deformation and some small ones. The final result is uneven deformation of the ceiling. Instead, use a light steel keel to install it. Since all the materials on the ceiling are metal, the deformation is minimized, so the light steel keel installation method is the most preferable.      

The cost of the ceiling is composed of three parts. The first is the aluminum ceiling money (according to the area of ​​the owner ’s house, which is cut to size); the second is the corner material money. Generally, the dealer will help you calculate what you need according to the situation of your home. How many corners; the third part is artificial money.

Precautions for acceptance of aluminum ceilings: Aluminum ceilings and supporting keels are formed from metal sheets. The connection form of aluminum ceilings is insert type. In order to ensure that the connection is flat and not loose, the size of the connection structure should be more accurate. The adjustment range is small and the installation requirements are high. The installation level directly determines the use effect. Many users say that when the cheap aluminum plate is purchased, the connection between the plate and the keel will occur when it is used for less than half a year. Therefore, I remind everyone that if the top frame is unevenly installed or the keel or aluminum ceiling is deformed, Intermediate hard insertion will cause uneven aluminum ceilings. Here, we recommend that you buy aluminum ceilings of good quality and perfect after-sales service.

In order to avoid unevenness of the aluminum ceiling, the following points should be noticed during the decoration construction process:

(L) The purchased aluminum ceiling and its associated keel and accessories shall meet the quality requirements of the product and shall not be deformed.

(2) During transportation and stacking, aluminum ceilings should be laid flat, not under pressure, and avoid high temperature and harmful substance erosion.

(3) The keel is installed flat, and the distance deviation should be controlled within the allowable range of 1.5 meters.

(4) When the aluminum ceiling is installed, if there is a deviation in size, it should be adjusted first and then inserted in order. It must not be inserted hard to prevent deformation.

(5) Large lamps, exhaust fans, etc. should be keeled separately and should not be placed directly on the aluminum ceiling.

As long as you can pay attention to the above five points, you can basically achieve the strong effect of aluminum ceilings and avoid unevenness. During the construction process, observation and inspection can be carried out by means of a ruler and a manual test when necessary.


Decoration: Construction and acceptance of aluminum ceilings
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