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Aluminum gusset is not thick, care about material and texture

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The integrated ceiling is an integration of the four functions of heating, ventilation, lighting, and metal ceilings, that is, the installation of heating, ventilation, lighting, sound effects in the kitchen and bathroom, and metal ceiling installation in one step, all by the manufacturer. The integrated suspended ceiling has the characteristics of elegant appearance, convenient installation, and uniform style. It has won the favor of home improvement consumers in just 3 years after entering the market and has spread rapidly at an alarming rate. The integrated integrated ceiling can maximize the family's personalized needs for high standards of kitchen and bathroom decoration. However, some merchants use consumers' incomprehension and use various technical terms and concepts to confuse the audiovisual and make a profit. The situation is not uncommon.
Aluminum gusset is not thick, care about material and texture
In order to confuse the audience, many businesses often use the thickness of the gusset as a reason to sell it at high prices. As everyone knows, the commonly used aluminum gussets are divided into low, medium, and high grades, including only roll-coated plates, coated plates, There are three materials for the oxide plate, and the unification of these three materials is formed by different treatments on the surface of the aluminum substrate. According to the developers of the integrated ceiling technology, the base material of the aluminum gusset is generally selected from aluminum-magnesium alloy. The thickness of the aluminum gusset can be between 0.6mm and 0.7mm to ensure that it will not deform. Inferior aluminum ceilings use recycled aluminum waste materials, which not only cannot be made thin, but also are prone to rust and surface peeling. At the same time, of the three materials, the coating material of the coated plate and the coating of the roller coated plate are more likely to be used by non-friendly manufacturers with non-environment-friendly low-quality coating layers and coatings, which not only fade and peel quickly, but also more Hazardous gas is released during use, causing "decoration pollution".
Appliance safety is important
The integration of integrated suspended ceilings actually includes two core items, one is the suspended ceiling and the other is the electrical appliances. Integrated ceilings are a combination of household appliances and traditional ceilings, which is why the ceilings in bathrooms are even more important. However, in recent years, accidents such as explosions of heating lamps and fires caused by wind heating have been endless. The root cause is that the low-priced products made by poor manufacturers using poor-quality electrical appliances are not guaranteed, and consumers can easily cause hidden safety hazards during use. According to industry experts, the core part of the integrated ceiling is electrical appliances. Therefore, if the electrical and product match is 100%, consumers can take the easiest and most worry-free way-purchase reliable products independently launched by famous brand electrical manufacturers, such as Industry brands launched "six-guarantee heating lamps", "five breakthrough ventilators", "four major characteristics of illuminators", etc., combined with related ceiling gussets, not only the performance can be more perfectly integrated, the style is also more Be able to unify.
Auxiliary materials are key, "triangular structure" is the most secure
When customers choose integrated ceilings, they are often misled by the business and focus only on the materials that can be seen after installation. To increase profits, manufacturers use auxiliary materials (the main frame part of the installation, including triangular keel, main keel, hanging Rods, hangers, etc.). Compared with the integrated ceiling, the auxiliary materials are equivalent to the foundation and beams of the building. Many ceilings have been installed for less than two years, and the deformation, sinking and even collapse of the ceiling are caused by the corrosion of the auxiliary materials or the inability to bear the load.
The product is only a semi-finished product, design and installation are very important
Integrated suspended ceiling, three points and seven points. What we can buy at each brand store in clear-coded prices is just cold metal materials, and these materials can only be transformed into integrated ceilings that fit the overall style of the home decoration through professional designers and installers. Therefore, when purchasing integrated ceilings, consumers should pay attention to whether the installers have relevant qualification certificates in addition to choosing trusted brands in order to provide themselves with more professional integrated ceiling installation services.
Four selection methods of aluminum gusset
1. Visual inspection, the surface of the board is flat without scratches or other flaws. No blackening, graying, greening or impurities on the cross section.
2. Feel, whether the surface is fine and smooth by hand.
3. Listen to your ears. A good aluminum gusset is knocked with your fingers, and the metal sound is obvious and crisp. The poor sound is stuffy and the metallic sound is not noticeable.
4. Properly bend by hand, and test whether it can be restored to its original shape.


Aluminum gusset is not thick, care about material and texture
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