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One: Brief Introduction

Aluminium Solid Panel (ASP) is high-level decorative and building materials. Aluminium Alloy Sheets are processed to form different shapes according to different sizes, shapes and drawing, and surface is treated by fluorocarbon resin (PVDF-Polyvinylidene Difluoride). A series of machining, washing and paint-spraying and testing processes have been carried out to guarantee the quality of ASP.

Two: Features

1.Light, and high strength, and strong hardness.

2.Excellent anti-weathering and anti-corrosion properties.

3.Good processing properties which can enable the panel to be bent into flat, curved, global and irregular shapes.

4.Various colors are available for different decorative effects.

5.To be easily cleaned and maintained.

6.Easy and convenient for installation.

7.Environment-friendly and Recyclable.

Three: Materials

1. Aluminum Sheet: High-quality Aluminum Alloy Sheet, AA1100 and AA3003 (Temper:H14-24).

2. Brands of Paints: We usually use the high-quality paints from famous brands such as AkzoNobel, Becker, Nippon and PPG, etc. according to customer’s requirements.

Four: Specification

Thickness of Panel: 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm and 4mm.

Maximum Size:6000mm(Length)* 2000mm(Width).

Shapes: All kinds of shapes can be processed according to customers’ drawing, including flat, curved, bent, arched, etc.irregular shapes.

Five: Surface Treatment

(1) - Color: Various colors, such as RAL and PANTONE, are available for meeting different customers’ requirements.

(2) - Coating: PVDF/PE Paint or Powder Spraying.

(3) -Surface Processing: Plain or Perforated. If it is perforated, please indicate the diameter of hole, area of perforation, and space between the holes, and pattern of perforation. We can process it according to customer’s drawing.

(4) - Edge: The height of edge shall be indicated in the drawings which is clearly specified how to bend the edge.

(5) -Reinforced Rib(Stiffener): To strengthen the support to the surface of large-sized ASP, one piece or more pieces of the reinforced rib (s) will be fixed on the back of ASP according to the different thickness of aluminum sheet.

Six: Paint-Spraying Process

1. One Coating: To spray the Finish.

2. Two Coatings: (1) To spray the Primer + (2) To spray Finish.

3. Three Coatings: (1) To spray the Primer + (2) To spray Finish + (3) To spray Varnish (Protective Paint).

4. Four Coatings: (1) To spray the Primer + (2) To spray the Isolating Paint + (3) To spray Finish + (4) To spray Varnish (Protective Paint).

Seven: Production and Processing of Aluminum Solid Panel

A- Machining of Aluminum Sheet

1.Project Design 2. Cellular Drawing 3. Working out Procedures

4. Check of Aluminum Sheets 5. Blanking of Aluminum Sheets 6. Shaping and Punching 7. Bending 8. Machining of Abnormal Shapes 9. Welding Corners, 10.Grinding Corner and Sides 11. Welding and Fixing the Reinforced Ribs 12. Polishing Surface 13. Acid and Alkaline Test 14. Washing and Chromizing 15. Electrostatic Spraying 16. Quality Inspection 17. Pasting Protective Film and Packing

B- Washing Process of Workpieces

After completing the machining of Aluminum Sheet, a series of washing processes have to be completed for spraying paint.

1.Removing Dust: To rinse by clear water for removing the dust on surface of workpieces.

2.Removing Grease: To dissolve the oily residues or pollutant on surface of workpieces by alkaline solvent (solution) and then clean the ASPS with clear water.

3.Eliminating Rust (Washing by Acid): To remove the residues which can react with acid solution, and then clean the alkaline substances on the ASPS with clear water.

4.Chromizing: To chromize the ASP.

5.Washing: To clean the chromized ASP to prepare for spraying paint.

6.Drying: To dry them after completely washing workpieces.

C- Paint-spraying Process

1.Hanging Workpieces 2.Cleaning the Dust 3. Spraying the Primer 4. Spraying the Isolating Paint, 5. Spraying the Finish 6. Spraying the Varnish 7. Solidifying 8. Taking down the Workpieces 9. Inspecting 10. Packing

D- Testing Process of the Finished Product

1.Dimensional Deviation, 2. Appearance Quality, 3.Thickness of Coating, 4. Adhesive Force (Dry, Wet and Boiling Water), 5. Impact Resistance, 6. Coating Hardness, 7. Gloss, 8. Color Aberration, 9. Peel Strength, 10. Acid and Alkaline Test (Nitric Acid Resistance, Solvent Resistance)11. Laundering Durability, 12. Abrasive Resistance,
Our products have been tested regularly by authoritative quality inspection departments, and all test items have been approved to meet the national standards.

Eight: Quality Control

Our company attached great importance to the quality of products and regarded the quality as the life for the enterprise development, strictly carried out the comprehensive inspection and test for the raw materials purchased, processes of production, and finished products according to quality management systems and the requirements of National Quality Standard for the products to ensure every procedure to conform with quality requirements, completely eradicated the unqualified products. Our products have been tested by authoritative organizations in consecutive years to be qualified, and achieved very good reputations.

Our company has been always paying higher attention to production management and quality control, strictly implemented the Quality Management System - ISO 9001:2008 and Environment Management System - ISO 14001:2004 to guarantee the quality and protect the environment. Because of the excellent quality of the aluminum products we produced, our products enjoyed high reputation in decorative materials industry at home and abroad, our products have been exported overseas to more than 50countries and regions, and marketing network covered all major cities throughout China and all over the world.

The advanced and high-precision machining equipment and well-established production and management system ensured our ASPs have been widely used for big projects. We have undertaken many big projects for the cladding of facade for many famous buildings.

Nine: Packing

1.Normal Packing: To be safe, we usually pack ASP firstly with one layer of protective film on the surface of finished products, and wrap them with one piece of Air Bubble Plastic Film, and four corners are reinforced with paper boards.

2.Wooden Box (Frame): The finished products of ASP are packed by normal way, and then can be loaded into wooden box (frame) to better protect the ASP in transit, the packing fee will be charged additionally for wooden box (frame) packing according to the quantity loaded in one wooden box (frame).

3.Pallet: The finished products of ASP are packed by normal way, and then can be packed by pallet to better protect the ASP in transit and for facilitating loading and unloading, the packing fee will be charged additionally for packing by pallet according to the quantity loaded on pallet.

4.Labels: The specifications such as the size and color, coating, etc. of products shall be specified on back of each panel with label according to the final confirmation by both Parties.

5.Shipping Marks: The shipping marks shall be made on the products or packing (pallets, wooden box or frame) according to the Buyer’s instructions.

Ten: After-sales Services

The quality of products are guaranteed, whenever and wherever the products have problems, the prompt and kind attentions shall be paid to the complaints made by customers. The best services will be provided immediately after the quality complaint is received.

Eleven: Famous Projects we have undertaken

As the official supplier and professional manufacturer, we have undertaken various and large-scale and famous projects for 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and 2010 Guangzhou 16th Asian Games.

We have provided high-quality ASPs for different buildings in different cities throughout the China.

Aluminum Solid Panel
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