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Aluminum Composite Panel
Structure of Product:

Aluminum-plastic Composite Panel is shortened as Aluminum Composite Panel or Material (ACP or ACM), which is compounded with several layers of high-molecular materials. The top and bottom layers are two pieces of high-strength aluminum alloy sheets, and middle layer is the non-toxic low-density polyethylene (LDPE) core material, and the top surface of the ACP is covered with a layer of protective film.

GUANGMEI Brand ACP is coated with Fluorocarbon (PVDF) resin on the top surface for outdoor use, while ACP can be coated with Non-PVDF resin (i.e.Polyester Resin) which can also meet the requirements for indoor use.

1)Owing to various superior performances, GUANGMEI Brand Aluminum Composite Panel with PVDF coating is widely applied to various buildings for decoration, such as building facades, exterior wall, cladding of circular column, balconies, ceiling soffit, fascia of shops, stores, gas station, commercial plaza, airport, stadium, hospital, super-market, and shopping mall, etc.

2)Because of multi-color finish, GUANGMEI Brand Aluminum Composite Panels with PE coating are used ideally for interior wall, ceiling, kitchen, furniture, and interior decoration.


1)Super Anti-peeling Strength

GUANGMEI Brand Aluminum Composite Panels were produced by compounding the aluminum sheets with PE core materials and the imported high-molecular film by international high and new heating and compounding technology, our ACP has extra powerful anti-peeling strength.

1)Super Anti-peeling Strength

GUANGMEI Brand Aluminum Composite Panels were produced by compounding the aluminum sheets with PE core materials and the imported high-molecular film by international high and new heating and compounding technology, our ACP has extra powerful anti-peeling strength.

2)Powerful Weathering Resistance

ACP was coated with PVDF paint, which enabled ACP to have extremely excellent properties of anti-grinding, anti-pollution, the weathering resistance, acid and alkaline resistance. It will not damage the bright decorative effects wherever it is under extremely hot sunshine or in extremely cold snow.

3)Excellent Fireproof

The core material in middle layer of ACP was made of fire-retarding materials, and processed and extruded to shape under high temperature, and compounded with high-quality aluminum sheets, so our ACPs have excellent fireproof property.

4)Impact Resistance

The aluminum is tough, the core PE panel is flexible, therefore the panel has high performances of impact resistance and wind pressure.

5)Easy to be Processed

It is easy to be grooved, cut, bent, folded, arched and shaped with strong flexibility.


The product has excellent sound-proof performance, and sound-screen effect.

7)Diversity of Colors

Colors of products are diversified, and various colors of panels can be customized exactly according to the requirements of customers to fully show the aesthetic art of decorative panels.

Production Line:Two production lines for aluminum composite panel have been imported from overseas, and the advanced technology and production management ensure the quality of products.

Production Line for Rolling Coating:One modernized rolling coating production line was introduced to guarantee that we can coat the aluminum coils for the production orders at any time and delivery time is ensured on schedule.

Production Capacity:Three thousand of square meters of aluminum composite panel can be produced every day to meet the demands of different customers.


ACP Thickness Range:3mm,4mm, 5mm and 6mm.

Thickness Range of Aluminum Sheet:0.06-0.50mm.

Width of ACP:1220mm (Standard); 1500mm (Maximum).

Length of ACP:2440mm (Standard); 5800mm (Maximum).

Standard ACP Size:2440(L)*1220(W)mm.

Core Materials: A:Normal Materials (Recycled and breakable Black PE), B-Fire-proof Material (A2 and B1 Grade), C- Unbreakable Material (white or black core materials), D. White Core Non-fire-proof Material (Unbreakable). E:Brand-new Material (Unbreakable LDPE Imported from Abroad or Produced at Home).

Surface Treatment (Finish):PVDF, PE, Nano-coating, Wooden-Texture, Stone-Texture, Mirror-Surface, Embossed and Brushed, etc. Surface treatment.

Colors: Color Chart with 26 standard colors are available for customers’ selection, and the colors, such as RAL, PANTONE colors, can be customized according to customers’ requirements or the color samples provided by customers are welcome.

Packing: To efficiently and reasonably load ACP into containers, suitable packing method can be arranged according to the sizes and quantity of order confirmed by customers, respectively by in bulk, wooden boxes, or pallets.

FCL: If the quantity (or weight) of Order can load into one standard 20-feet container (i.e. Full Container Load), generally speaking, the ACP will be directly loaded into container in bulk (without any packaging) and fixed well to ensure the safety in transit and avoid from being damaged.

LCL: If the quantity of Order is too small to load into one container, generally they should be loaded into one container together with other goods, under this circumstance, the special packing should be used to pack the ACP, the ACP shall be packed by wooden box or pallet to guarantee their safety in transit.

Production with Customized Brand:Generally speaking, the ACP will be produced with the protective film, on which our own logo and trademark will be printed. If customers require us to print their logo or trademark on the protective film to enlarge the popularity and influence of their company brand, the customers must provide us with the design or artwork of their logo or trademark, and the mold-making fee will be charged, we warmly welcome customers to customize their own protective film. USD580.00 (i.e. RMB4000Yuan or so) for making mold will be charged for customizing their protective film of the first order. With future business development, if the total amount of orders can reach up to 100,000.00 square meters, the mold-making fee (USD580.00) will be refunded to the customer or deducted from the amount of next order after the total volume100,000 square meters of purchase.
Quality Test Reports:Our products –ACPs have been tested by the authoritative department- National Center of Quality Supervision and Test for Building Materials and all test items have been qualified, so it is reliable and durable. Our products have been exporting to many countries throughout the world, such U.S.A., U.K, Spain, Poland, Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Turkey, Viet Nam, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Senegal, Uganda, Nigeria, Togo, Russia, Bolivia, Ukraine, Mongolia, etc., and enjoying high popularity in the world and at home.

For more information about quality, please check the details of Quality Test Report additionally.
Aluminum Composite Panel
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